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Without Walls features Blackfern

On the Without Walls' blog, they give shout outs to craftspeople who directly contribute to an active lifestyle.  Blackfern was recently chosen to be featured and we are tickled with the job they did.  Rebecca Davis, from their editorial staff, perfectly captured the essence of what we do and why we do it.  Click through and have a look!

Van Life

After enduring countless dodgy camping missions, we decided to pull the trigger and upgrade to a camper van. Read more...

Without Walls Display

We're stoked to take part in the Surf display at Without Walls Portland!  They carry a lot of great active lifestyle brands and hopefully sometime shortly we'll have a few tees on offer alongside their other fine products! 

Dip Dyed Tees

We've been doing a lot more multi-toned resin tints over the past year or so.  They turn out a little sloppy and imperfect but its a cool effect.  Anyhow, we've been pondering how to produce a similar effect on a tee shirt (without using resin of course ;)) and I finally came across the idea of dip dying. We did a limited spring run to try it out and the shirts turned out great!  

Senior Project Radness

I can't help but be a bit jealous because making a surfboard is probably the best senior project I can imagine.  Congrats to Sean on a great first effort and for graduating high school to boot! 

Concave Deck Build

I've been wanting to make a concave board for quite awhile now.  Blackfern keeps evolving as a company and I need to do the same as a shaper.  This board turned out to be a real adventure to build and I am super keen to take it out for a swim.  

Pendleton Collaboration Board

The kind folks over at Pendleton approached us last summer seeking some boards to help launch their Surf Pendleton revival.  We made them a 1960's style single fin design with the two patterns shown below.  Fast forward a year later and they're offering our collaboration surfboard in their Spring catalog.  Check out more info on the boards as well their other fine Surf Pendleton gear on their website.

Spring Break

We got a short trip out to PC in right at the beginning of spring break.  The waves were a bit unruly but it was the first camp of the year and that alone made the trip worthwhile.  Catching up with friends we hadn't surfed with since fall and making some new ones at the campsite- hallmarks of a successful weekend outing.  

New Year's trip to Vancouver Island


Sarah and I finally made it up to beautiful Vancouver Island.  Our good friends moved to Sooke about a year ago and are absolutely blessed with waves.  After ceaselessly hearing of their exploits, we finally put the logistics together, trekked up there, and had an amazing time!  Without a doubt, the island is going to be seriously considered as an alternate to our standard winter San Diego trip in years to come.


We checked out all the major spots and scored some really great waves.  Our favorite session was the very first one, at Sombrio.  There wasn't a ton of swell that day so everyone was a bit skeptical that it was worth the trip out there to look.  We decided to give it a try and were met with a torrential downpour the duration of our drive.  The amplitude of rain and the distance to the break meant that the only way to check the waves was to suit up.  The gamble paid off brilliantly!  4-5 ft ultra clean waves greeted us along with an empty lineup.  Is there any better way to catch up with friends than sharing clean fun waves?  

That session set the tone for the entire trip- great waves, great people, and minimal crowds.  The higher performance waves were competitive but provided amazingly consistent and rippable walls.  Can't wait to get back up there!