Fabrication Files - Volume 1

We are blessed to collaborate directly with those who ride our craft.  Their creative input informs our process both in terms of board design and aesthetic. We've decided to add a bit more documentation about the behind-the-scenes of our board making process to help educate readers about how board come to be; why they look they look and the conversations and mock-ups that go into creating our craft.  We hope this provides a new perspective for current projects and inspires future collaborations.  

Featured Board:  9'2" Oso for Miles

We met Miles out at the coast one day earlier this summer and let him demo our own 9'2" Oso.  He was an immediate fan and came out of the water frothing with enthusiasm.  Communication went back and forth for awhile and eventually Miles showed up in the backyard with this sweet spec sheet.  The shape of the board, he reckoned, was in my hands but he wanted to put his personal touch on it via an abstract resin tin.  

The most notable parts about the sketch are the streaks of darker colored yellow within the broader yellow block, mixed color at the boundaries of the blocks, and a reflect tree line within the forest green section.


The bottom turned out as a mirror image of the top and, while its not immediately obvious, the streaky yellow is present.  Color mixing at the edges wasn't super evident on this side, however.  

The color saturation on the top turned out much brighter with better color mixing between the blocks!  Got the colors blocks to align pretty well for the top and bottom, which is easier to spot in the photo on the left.  

Miles stopped by to pick up his board and brought a couple beers with him so we all sat out in the backyard talking surf stories and future travel plans.  The next day he was off to grab a few waves on his new board and threw in an air guitar with it for good measure.  Stoked on the results of an awesome concept!  Hope she treats you well out on the salty seas!

Posted on July 30, 2015 .