Spring Break

We got a short trip out to PC in right at the beginning of spring break.  The waves were a bit unruly but it was the first camp of the year and that alone made the trip worthwhile. Catching up with friends we hadn't surfed with since fall and making some new ones at the campsite- hallmarks of a successful weekend outing.  

There were a few diamonds in the rough between wash-through sets.  We watched these two blokes from Seattle pick off a few in the cove and decided to go out and join them.  The midsized waves were the ones that broke well and it was quite the game of cat and mouse paddling inside to catch them and then sprinting back outside to dodge the sets.  

The next morning we met up with some friends and hiked down the Cape.  The swell had built throughout the night and was well above what the forecast had called for.  We didn't have any any decent boards for the conditions so we opted to watch from above as our buddies tackled a few of the beasts.  In tandem, mind you.    

Posted on March 25, 2014 and filed under Surfing.